Speaker Interviews

Discover more about the topics and technologies to be discussed at this year's conference, via a series of exclusive interviews with a selection of our expert speakers

Getting AVs to work together

Dr Taylor Lochrane, technical program manager for the USDOT Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), introduces the FHWA’s CARMA platform, which enables V2X communication for the research and development of cooperative driving automation.

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Keeping AVs on track, even when sensors fall short

Praveen Chandrasekar, regional senior product manager for autonomous driving at TomTom, explains how HD maps create an essential fallback for the vehicle’s sensors.

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Simulating AVs from the component level up

Dr Sandeep Sovani, global director, automotive industry at Ansys, explains why simulations of AVs require a methodical approach and how there’s more to AVs than just driverless cars, ahead of his presentation on this topic at the Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium.

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Verification and validation of AVs

Tony Gioutsos, director of portfolio development for autonomous at Siemens, talks us through a simulation-based verification and validation procedure of AVs that’s truly robust.

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Managing scenarios for simulation

Ferenc Pintér, AiSim product manager at AImotive, outlines how the company approaches simulation for AVs and why it’s so crucial.

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Why annotated data no longer cuts it

Heikki Laine, VP of product and marketing at Cognata, explains why manually tagged data is no longer sufficient for the effective training of AVs and suggests the solution.

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