More than 400 people attended the conferences in 2018 – one conference pass gives you access to all three events & over 150 speakers!

Alongside Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium, Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo hosts two further highly focused conferences that are dedicated to AV software development and dealing with moral and technical AI challenges; and the HMI and technological hurdles and opportunities created by the advent of more autonomy or even ‘driverless cars’.

With three conferences taking place side by side, one delegate pass gains you access to all three of them as well as the exhibition. There will be an opening-day breakfast, plus lunch every single day, at which all delegates – regardless of which conference they are attending – can network and make new contacts. There will also be a Drinks Party for all delegates, exhibitors and visitors.

See below for further details on the additional conferences, and remember that one delegate pass gains you access to all three events!

Autonomous Vehicle Interior Design & Technology Symposium

The conference deals with the HMI issues associated with the increasing autonomy of vehicles, and also looks at the possible technological and passenger-protection implications of fully driverless vehicles as well as the passenger comfort and infotainment opportunities such vehicles provide. Expect to see expert speakers presenting technical solutions and discussing human factors in the path of autonomous vehicles. The conference also features panel discussions in which delegates can participate.

Autonomous Vehicle Safety Regulation World Congress

The conference discusses and explores how to create a regulatory framework to enable further public testing of autonomous and driverless vehicles. It also debates what regulatory and legal challenges must be addressed before autonomous vehicles can be purchased and used by consumers.